CV Conference

Friday 29th September to Monday 2nd October, October long weekend, 2017.
Adare Conference Centre, Victor Harbor.


CV stands for Christian Vocation

Our aim is to partner with churches to raise up faithful, passionate Christian leaders for Adelaide and the world.

CV Conference provides a rare and precious opportunity for you to take time out, away from daily responsibilities and distractions, to think and pray through your ministry plans for the future and answer the question: ‘Why not full-time gospel ministry?’

At CV Conference you’ll enjoy a variety of Bible talks, small group discussions, elective seminars and coaching. You’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded Christian leaders, current and future, from all across South Australia.


Who should come?

CV is particularly for those who are open to considering the possibility of vocational ministry. We also welcome and encourage anyone with the following questions to attend:

  • What will I do for the rest of my life?
  • What gifts has God given me for Christian ministry?
  • Should I consider training for vocational ministry?
  • What am I willing to give up to preach the gospel?
  • What opportunities are available?
  • Who can help me make these decisions?

CV is also for those already in vocational ministry who long to see others join them!



Wondering what other people think of CV Conference? Let these people tell you!

CMS Gospel Worker, Central Asia

I’d always thought that I would end up in some kind of Christian work, but thoughts and actions are two different things! It was at CV Conference that I met real-life workers who put a face on Christian work for me, and that God took me beyond intention, to the point of committing to full-time vocational work. Read more.



Shane Ellery, Associate Minister, Grace Norwood 5pm & Caitlin Ellery, Mission Mobiliser, CMS SANT

We both desired to be faithful ministers of the gospel but were less clear about the when, where, how, and to whom. CV Conference was instrumental in helping us to answer some of these questions and then to take steps towards seeing it happen. We feel deeply indebted to CV and thoroughly recommend it for anyone who is serious about thinking through what it means to serve God with our whole lives. Read more.


Marti Williams, Lecturer, Adelaide College of Ministries + Women’s Pastor, Edwardstown Baptist Church

My husband and I have been in ministry for nearly 40 years and it is with regret that we realise that we have more of our ministry life behind us than ahead of us. In other words, we see that the time is coming for us to ‘pass the baton’ to the next generation. CV Conference is an excellent opportunity for us to be involved in doing just that. Therefore, each year, we eagerly block out the October long weekend to attend CV Conference in Victor Harbor, so that we can have a part in this effort! Read more.


Richard & Jackie Watson, AFES Staffworker, City West + Minister in Training, Trinity Inner South + Student, Bible College SA

We have both known for over 10 years that God would lead us into vocational ministry one day. As we have faithfully waited for God’s timing, CV Conference has played a prominent role in prayerfully and practically discerning when and how. We are so thankful for the wonderful fellowship, teaching, guidance and support we have experienced each year at CV Conference. We can not wait to return this year and look forward to seeing you there. Read more.



Who is CV?

CV is a fellowship of evangelical Christians who consider gospel ministry an important priority.

We aim, through God’s mercy, to partner with churches to raise faithful and able servants of the gospel, whether they’re ordained or lay and in local or overseas ministries.

Men and women with gifts of leadership, Bible teaching, evangelism and a passion to see the gospel preached are urgently needed in our world – the Lord’s harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.

We are passionate about seeing the next generation of gospel workers encouraged, challenged and mentored as they pray and plan for an exciting and spiritually rewarding life of gospel ministry.

CV Conference also aims to gather those already in full-time ministry so that they can train and encourage this next generation.

Whatever stage a person has reached in considering gospel ministry, CV aims to help them progress in their thinking, planning and taking action.


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