CV Conference has been cancelled for 2020

Even though restrictions have begun to lift, and we are starting to be able to meet face to face again, as a leadership team we feel that there are still too many areas that remain in doubt as to whether we could safely hold a conference in October. Thus we have made the decision to cancel CV Conference for this year.

Even though we have made this change for 2020, our commitment towards leadership development and raising up the next generations of vocational gospel ministers remains unchanged. And so we urge you—that even though there will be no conference this year—to remain focused on this important work throughout this year.

Keep mentoring the young leaders in your youth groups, young adults ministry, or Bible study groups. We encourage you to continue having conversations with those showing potential for vocational ministry, raising the possibility for these leaders to consider receiving theological training. Use this time well to have these conversations—and we’ll be ready to have them along at CV Conference 2021.

As a team we are planning some exciting ways to help support you in having these conversations.

Visit our website for updates to our conference as they come to light.

Follow our Facebook page where we will provide some resources for you to share to those you are having these conversations with.

We will also share with you at select times throughout this next year useful resources towards leadership development and training of vocational gospel ministers, including MTS Recruit Online Conference 2–4 October 2020.

As ever, please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or concerns about the conference.

We look forward to seeing you October long weekend at CV Conference 2021!

About CV Conference

CV is for anyone who is open to considering or currently doing vocational ministry.

CV Conference (Christian Vocation Conference) provides a rare and precious opportunity for you to take time out, away from daily responsibilities and distractions, to think and pray through your ministry plans for the future and answer the question: ‘Why not full-time gospel ministry?’>

At CV Conference you’ll enjoy a variety of Bible talks, small group discussions, elective seminars and coaching. You’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded Christian leaders, current and future, from all across South Australia. We welcome and encourage anyone to attend if they ever asked the following questions:

What will I do for the rest of my life?

What gifts has God given me for Christian ministry?

Should I consider training for vocational ministry?

What am I willing to give up to preach the gospel?

What opportunities are available?

Who can help me make these decisions?

What is Christian Vocation?


CV is a fellowship of evangelical Christians who consider gospel ministry an important priority.

We aim, through God’s mercy, to partner with churches to raise faithful and able servants of the gospel, whether they’re ordained or lay and in local or overseas ministries.

Men and women with gifts of leadership, Bible teaching, evangelism and a passion to see the gospel preached are urgently needed in our world – the Lord’s harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.

We are passionate about seeing the next generation of gospel workers encouraged, challenged and mentored as they pray and plan for an exciting and spiritually rewarding life of gospel ministry.

Why CV Conference exists


Our aim is to partner with churches to raise up faithful, passionate Christian leaders for Adelaide and the world.

CV Conference also aims to gather those already in full-time ministry so that they can train and encourage this next generation.

Whatever stage a person has reached in considering gospel ministry, CV aims to help them progress in their thinking, planning and taking action.

Our Keynote Speakers


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Ada Chan AFES Adelaide

Ministry Apprenticeship Program

"CV conference has been great for stretching my thinking in how I can be serving God with my life, in all seasons and in all vocations. I'm excited every year to have time set aside for intentional conversations about ministry, both with peers as well as older Christian brothers and sisters. I’m thankful to God for the time at CV as it’s prompted and challenged me to step into full-time vocational ministry."


CMS Gospel Workers

"Both through our assigned coaches over the years, and those we sought out over meals and free time, CV gave us the chance to hook up with people we might not have otherwise spoken to, but who had been down the path we were looking at going, and had lots of excellent advice and encouragement for us."

Honorary Member of Faculty, Bible College of SA + Women’s Pastor

"My husband and I have been in ministry for nearly 40 years and it is with regret that we realise that we have more of our ministry life behind us than ahead of us. In other words, we see that the time is coming for us to ‘pass the baton’ to the next generation. CV Conference is an excellent opportunity for us to be involved in doing just that. Therefore, each year, we eagerly block out the October long weekend to attend CV Conference in Victor Harbor, so that we can have a part in this effort!"


James Foley Mawson Lakes

Associate, Enfield Baptist Church + AFES Staffworker

"Our culture emphasises individually made decisions: ‘I determine my own destiny’.  But Christ calls the members of his body to make decisions together, particularly when considering who might enter vocational ministry.  CV conferences were essential opportunities for people to encourage us towards ministry, and to help us decide together.  We received insight into the exact pathway we might take.  And Rachelle got concrete wisdom on what being a gospel workers wife looks like. Highly recommended!"



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